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Milwaukee Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney

West Allis SSDI benefits lawyer

Lawyer For People Seeking SSDI Benefits in Milwaukee County and Waukesha County

When you have a disability that prevents you from working, any and all sources of financial assistance can be crucial to make up for your lost income and help you support yourself. Different types of benefits may be available depending on the situation, but for people who have contributed to Social Security throughout their careers, one option for assistance is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). It is important to understand whether you qualify for SSDI benefits, and what steps you should take to apply for them.

An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can help to make this process easier. Attorney Jonathan Pearson has built a practice that is solely focused on helping people obtain Social Security benefits to assist with their disabilities. He will handle your case personally from start to finish with the care and attention necessary to achieve a successful outcome, and he charges no upfront fee for his services, only collecting payment if he secures benefits for you.

Who Qualifies for SSDI Benefits?

In order to qualify for SSDI, you must have a disability that prevents you from holding employment that is considered substantial gainful activity (SGA). SGA is determined based on the amount of income that you are able to earn, with a minimum amount established by the Social Security Administration that has increased over time along with the rising cost of living. In 2022, most people with disabilities can qualify for SSDI with a monthly income below $1,350, while those who are blind can qualify with a monthly income below $2,260. The inability to maintain SGA must last for at least 12 months.

Qualifying individuals must also be below the age of 65, and they must have a work history in which they contributed to Social Security via payroll deductions. Qualification is based on the number of credits you have earned in the most recent 10 years before the onset of your disability. Most individuals require 20 credits or more to qualify, and with a maximum of four credits earned per year, this means at least five years of qualifying employment. However, those aged 30 and younger can qualify with fewer credits, and those above the age of 42 need more credits to qualify. An attorney can help you determine whether you qualify based on your personal situation.

What Does Social Security Disability Insurance Provide?

The primary benefit of Social Security Disability Insurance is a monthly payment, and as with some other benefits administered by the Social Security Administration, the amount is determined using a calculation of your average indexed monthly earnings (AIME) during your years of working and contributing to Social Security. The average monthly SSDI benefit is around $1,200 in recent years, but a higher AIME can mean a larger benefit, with the upper end falling around $3,000.

If you qualify for SSDI benefits, in some cases your spouse and children can also receive benefits in addition to your monthly payment. Qualifying family members include:

  • A spouse who is at least 62 years old
  • A spouse who is caring for your child who is disabled or under the age of 16
  • A child who is unmarried and below the age of 18, or below the age of 19 if still attending secondary school
  • An unmarried child of any age who became disabled before the age of 22

Each qualifying family member can receive a benefit up to 50 percent of your monthly benefit, though the total amount your family receives may be limited in cases involving more than one family member who qualifies.

If your disability lasts for more than 24 months, you also qualify for Medicare, which is otherwise usually only available after the age of 65. This includes Part A and Part B coverage for hospital care and other medical services, respectively, as well as the option to purchase Part D coverage for prescription drugs.

Contact a Milwaukee County SSDI Benefits Lawyer

In addition to helping you understand your eligibility for SSDI benefits, Jonathan will also guide you through the application process and represent you in an appeal if your application is denied. Contact us at 414-240-4801 for a free consultation no matter where your case currently stands. We serve clients in Milwaukee, West Allis, South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Greenfield, Wauwatosa, and throughout Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, and the surrounding areas.



  • Thank you so much Jonathan. I was so tired of waiting almost 2 years for my disability hearing and you told me always stay positive and to not give up. You met with me before my hearing and told me what to expect and when you told me the judge approved my case I was so relieved! The Social Security disability payments I get allow me to keep seeing my doctors and really help us out. Thank you!

    - Shirley

  • Jonathan thank you for helping me win my Social Security disability case. You are so easy to talk to and don’t make me feel stupid each time I call with my questions.

    - Rene

  • Jonathan is very knowledgeable and pleasant,He is very considerate for his client and return my all phone calls promptly.I was very happy for his services. I highly recommend him to any body who needs attorney help.

    - S.P., Wheeling, IL

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