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Do Immune System Disorders Qualify for Social Security Disability?

 Posted on March 27, 2023 in Social Security disability

Milwaukee County Social Security Disability Lawyer for Immune Disorders

The immune system is an essential component of the body. It protects against germs, viruses, bacteria, or other invasive organisms that can cause infections and diseases. When the immune system fails to function correctly, a person can experience serious illnesses that can impact their physical health and leave them feeling exhausted and ill. In severe cases, these disorders can prevent an individual from holding down a job or pursuing their daily activities. Fortunately, people with qualifying immune system disorders may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. People who suffer from these types of disorders will need to determine what benefits may be available and how they can demonstrate that they are disabled.

What Is an Immune System Disorder?

Before diving into the Social Security Disability application process, it is important to understand what immune system disorders are. These disorders occur when the immune system fails to function correctly. In some cases, this may lead the immune system to attack healthy bodily tissues, leading to inflammation and other serious health concerns. Immune system disorders may be acquired or inherited, and symptoms can vary depending on the disorder.

When Do Immune System Disorders Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers certain types of immune system disorders to be qualifying medical conditions that make individuals eligible for benefits. For a person to qualify, the SSA must determine that the medical condition significantly impacts the applicant's ability to perform a substantial gainful activity. This involves work in which a person earns an amount each month that is above a predetermined figure. The threshold amount changes each year, and for 2023, it is $1,470 per month.

Not every immune system disorder qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration recognizes certain immune system disorders that can interfere with a person's daily life and ability to work. These disorders are listed in the Social Security Administration's Listing of Impairments, which is the official list of medical conditions that automatically qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The immune system disorders recognized by Social Security include:

  • Lupus - This may be considered a disability if it involves two or more organs or bodily systems, with one system being affected at a moderate level of severity and a demonstration of at least two serious constitutional symptoms, which include involuntary weight loss, severe fatigue, fever, or malaise. A person may also be considered disabled if they have repeated manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus with at least two of the constitutional symptoms described above, resulting in a marked limitation on daily activities, social functioning, or the ability to complete tasks due to issues related to concentration, persistence, and pace.

  • HIV infection - A documented infection of HIV may be considered a disability if it also involves certain types of cancer, low white blood cell counts, complications that required at least three hospitalizations within a single year, or repeated manifestations of issues such as muscle weakness or HIV-associated dementia that have limited a person's ability to participate in daily activities or maintain a consistent pace of work.

  • Inflammatory arthritis - A person may be considered disabled if they have persistent inflammation or deformation of one or more major joints in the lower body requiring them to use devices to assist with walking or mobility or an inability to use their arms and hands to perform work-related activities without assistance. Inflammation of major joints that affects two or more organs or bodily systems at a moderate level of severity, when coupled with at least two constitutional symptoms, may also qualify as a disability.

  • Sjogren's syndrome - This condition affects the salivary glands, eyes, and other organs or bodily systems. It may qualify as a disability if two or more organs or systems are affected, resulting in two or more serious constitutional symptoms. A disability may also be demonstrated by a marked limitation on activities, social functions, or concentration, persistence, and pace.

Contact Our Milwaukee County Social Security Disability Lawyer for Immune Disorders

Immune system disorders can severely affect an individual's daily life, making it challenging to maintain employment. Fortunately, Social Security disability benefits exist to provide assistance to individuals struggling with these types of disorders. If you are planning to apply for disability benefits, the experienced Oak Creek Social Security disability attorney at Pearson Disability Law, LLC can help you navigate the application process and address any issues that may affect your ability to receive the benefits you need. With the right guidance and support, you can receive the benefits that will help you maintain your quality of life. Contact us at 414-240-4801 to set up a free consultation.





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