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Can I Receive Social Security Disability Benefits if I Have PTSD?

 Posted on December 20,2021 in Social Security disability

South Milwaukee Social Security Disability Benefits LawyerA disability can affect a person’s life in many ways. In addition to struggling to earn enough income to support themselves, a person may also experience difficulties as they perform daily activities at home and in their personal life. Fortunately, Social Security disability benefits may be available to those with qualifying disabilities. These benefits can address a variety of health conditions, including mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Qualifying for SSD Benefits Based on PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that may affect those who have experienced traumatic events. Military veterans who have been in combat situations may suffer from PTSD, but this issue can also affect survivors of car accidents, animal attacks, assaults, or other dangerous or frightening situations. A person with PTSD may experience multiple debilitating issues, including flashbacks in which they relive their trauma, bad dreams that result in lack of sleep or other sleep disorders, and emotional distress triggered by reminders of their trauma. They may also experience avoidance symptoms in which they do everything they can to stay away from people, places, or events that may remind them of what happened to them. PTSD can also cause a person to experience other mental health issues, such as depression, mood swings, lack of interest in activities they had previously enjoyed, and difficulty maintaining relationships with loved ones.

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a person will need to meet certain criteria to show that their condition is severe enough to be considered a disability. A person will need to provide documentation from a doctor or psychologist that verifies that they were exposed to an event that put them at risk of injury or death, that they have had flashbacks or other situations where they involuntarily relived the trauma, and that they have experienced avoidance symptoms, mood disorders, and reactions such as sleep disorders or being easily startled.

In addition, a person will need to show that they have an extreme limitation in one of the following areas or significant limitations in two or more areas:

  • Being able to process and remember information and apply this information to their work or other daily tasks.

  • Appropriate interactions with other people.

  • Ability to maintain concentration, persistence, and pace while completing work-related tasks or other activities.

  • Adaptability to changing conditions and the ability to manage their daily tasks appropriately.

Alternatively, a person may provide evidence that they have experienced PTSD for at least two years. In these cases, they will need to demonstrate that they have received ongoing medical or psychological treatment that has helped alleviate their symptoms and that they have been able to make adjustments that allow them to adapt to changing conditions in their life or environment.

Contact Our Milwaukee County SSD Benefits Lawyer for PTSD

It can sometimes be difficult to prove that PTSD is severe enough to be considered a disability. Attorney Jonathan Pearson understands the criteria that must be met and the evidence that must be provided in these cases. He can assist with the Social Security disability application process, or he can provide you with legal representation if you need to appeal the denial of benefits. Contact our Greenfield Social Security disability claim attorney at 414-240-4801 to arrange a complimentary consultation today.






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  • Thank you so much Jonathan. I was so tired of waiting almost 2 years for my disability hearing and you told me always stay positive and to not give up. You met with me before my hearing and told me what to expect and when you told me the judge approved my case I was so relieved! The Social Security disability payments I get allow me to keep seeing my doctors and really help us out. Thank you!

    - Shirley

  • Jonathan thank you for helping me win my Social Security disability case. You are so easy to talk to and don’t make me feel stupid each time I call with my questions.

    - Rene

  • Jonathan is very knowledgeable and pleasant,He is very considerate for his client and return my all phone calls promptly.I was very happy for his services. I highly recommend him to any body who needs attorney help.

    - S.P., Wheeling, IL

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