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How to Demonstrate Disability When Applying for Social Security Benefits

 Posted on August 23, 2022 in Social Security disability

Milwaukee disability attorneyThere are numerous different types of illnesses, injuries, and other medical or psychological issues that may affect a person's ability to work. In situations where a person is unable to maintain gainful employment, disability benefits may be available through Social Security. However, applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a lengthy and complicated process. In order to increase the chances of being approved for benefits, it is important for an applicant to be able to effectively demonstrate that they are disabled. With the help of an attorney who is experienced in Social Security disability cases, an applicant can provide the correct information and show that they need assistance.

What Should Be Included in a Social Security Disability Application?

Social Security disability benefits will only be available to those who are considered to be totally disabled. There are multiple complex requirements that must be met to demonstrate disability, but generally, a person will need to show that their condition is severe enough that it has prevented them from doing work they had done in the past or from finding other jobs that would allow them to earn sufficient income to address their ongoing needs. 

To demonstrate disability, a person will need to include the following information on their application for Social Security benefits:

  • Medical conditions - All illnesses or other physical or psychological issues that affect a person's ability to work should be listed. These may include diseases, different forms of cancer (details about the type and stage should be included), physical impairments, mental illnesses, and learning disorders.
  • Work activity - An application must state whether a person is currently working, whether they have stopped working due to their physical or mental condition, and whether they have ever worked in the past. If they have stopped working or have never worked, they will need to specify the date on which their condition became severe enough to prevent them from maintaining employment. If they are currently working, they must specify when their condition caused them to make changes to the work they performed, and they will only be able to qualify for disability benefits if they earn less than what is considered to be substantial gainful activity (in 2022, this is defined as $1,350 per month or $2,260 per month for those who are blind).
  • Education and training - An applicant will need to list the level of education they have completed, as well as any specialized vocational training they have received.
  • Work history - An application must list all of the jobs a person has held in the past 15 years, including the hours worked and the wages earned. If a person only had one job during this time, they will also need to detail whether they used machinery or tools, had special knowledge or skills, completed different types of physical tasks, or were involved in the supervision or management of other workers.
  • Medical treatment - A person will need to provide information about the different types of treatment they have received for their condition, including contact information for doctors and medical facilities, dates of office or emergency room visits and hospital stays, and tests that were performed. 

In addition to this information, an applicant may provide personal remarks about how their condition has affected them and why they believe they are disabled and unable to work. By fully detailing the issues that have led to a disability and describing why they have prevented them from being able to earn a sufficient income, an applicant can make sure Social Security has enough information to determine whether they qualify for benefits.

Contact Our Milwaukee County Social Security Disability Application Lawyer

The process of applying for disability benefits can be complicated, and it is important to make sure you include all the necessary information and documentation. At Pearson Disability Law, LLC, our experienced Waukesha County Social Security disability attorney can assist with the application process and help you demonstrate that you are disabled. Call our office today at 414-240-4801 to arrange a free consultation.






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    - Shirley

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